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Welcome to Covert Castaway, our fully uncut experience making the transition to being liveaboard sailing cruisers. Join us as we talk about what we‘re learning as we sell our stuff, quit our corporate jobs, say goodbye to our family and sail away on a catamaran.

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August 1, 2019

Are you dreaming of selling your stuff, quitting your job and sailing around the world as a liveaboard cruiser? Me too!

Covert Castaway podcast is a fully candid diary of everything I'm learning to make the transition to life at sea, in all its honest glory. From creating a financial plan, boat buying and construction, secrets of commissioning, emotions of selling the house, the adventure of learning to sail, and telling your friends and family.

Join me as I make mistakes, learn from others, and transition to this new life. This podcast is anonymous so I can be brutally honest, and keep my job to (you know) pay for the boat.

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